Choosing a Care Provider and Birth Location

Your Care Provider Pregnancy and birth care providers have varying styles, levels of expertise, and birth philosophies. It is important to choose a care provider with whom you feel confident and compatible. When it comes to pregnancy and birth, there … Read More

My body will give birth at exactly the right time

Positive Birth Affirmations

Positive birth affirmations can be a useful tool in helping to change and/or reinforce your beliefs. These beliefs can be about your body’s ability to give birth, about your birth partner’s ability to support you through the process, and about … Read More

LGBTQIA inclusive practice

LGBTQIA Inclusive Pregnancy and Birth Care

Pregnancy and birth care professionals fulfill a wide range of roles and functions in the lives of the people and families we serve. However, as a whole, our goal is to provide compassionate, respectful, culturally appropriate care to all of … Read More